I press on towards the mark

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Here’s to another day that I push past the exhaustion to work towards my goals and dreams. I’m sitting thru yet another boring class that I need for my major. Despite my lack of focus, I’m hoping that at least 70% of the information will soak in thru osmosis! lol

On another note, here’s how crazy I am! As if I’m not busy enough with work, school, helping plan my BF’s wedding, learning guitar and working on my music project, I took on ANOTHER project as an administrative director over a youth music program! How do you pass up on a piece of your dream! As you all will soon discover, my passions are music and access music education.

I’m also applying to a study abroad program in China that will compare education systems. How interesting and fun does that sound?! I hope that I’m able to go!

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  1. Dayna
    You were great last night at Jazz Cafe. You and your band looked as if you have been together for some time. You assembled a great sound around you. I hope to hear more of you. Continued success. Bob

    • Thank you Bob! I appreciate your support! I’ll be back at the Jazz Cafe in September. I hope I can count on your continued support :-)

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