“Supposedly the late great Etta James was upset that Beyonce sang her trademark song “At Last” for the Obama’s on the night of the Inauguration – but it’s a good bet that she wouldn’t have had the same reaction if she heard Dayna Davis’ astounding version, which the Detroit native recorded last year for her first single. From the first words, the singer’s crisp phrasing, perfect clarity, and deep soulful emotions draw the listener into a powerful crossroads where the heartache of the past gives way to a sunny moment of joy. It’s only one track, but it marks the emergence of a major talent. Clips of her performance at the Jazz Cafe in Detroit show a remarkable diversity in styles and genres, but those guttural emotions and charisma are always up front. Now that I know she’s an incredible interpreter, I’m excited to hear some original material!” – Jonathan Widran


“She’s amazing! They say good things come in small packages and it couldn’t be more true than with Dayna Davis. If you ever want to find yourself truly captivated and engaged in any performance, you should treat yourself to whenever Dayna is in town.” – Keyan Williams


“I was just tingling listening to that song. I had no idea you could sing like that. I mean that was just absolutely stunning! The way you just rolled that melody and created all these different interpretations of the lyrics – it sounded like a blend of Natalie Cole and Ariana Grande singing to me. It’s such a sweet sound! You need to quit your job right now and go into a full time recording career if you can sing other songs like that. Compliments, kudos!” – Gerry Zonca


“Girl, girl, Dayna, Dayna, Dayna. Oh my god, I just heard that track and I was floored. I mean floored. Girl, wooo! Dayna, the only thing that sucks, is that there should be six or seven more tracks to accompany that. You keep doing what you do, stay strong and keep proving that good things come in small packages.” – Bill Turner